Wedding Stationery Guide: From Save-The-Dates To Thank You Cards

By Jessica November 23rd 2023


Welcome to the ultimate playbook for all things wedding stationery! If you're a couple dreaming of a perfect wedding, a planner looking to up your game, or a family member wanting to get it just right, you've landed on your go-to resource.

Think of this guide as your stationery soulmate, covering everything from the first Save-the-Date to the final Thank You card. Intrigued? Let's unfold the pages of your love story, one piece of stationery at a time.

Pre-Wedding Stationery

Engagement Announcements

Save-the-Dates: These are your "save the date, we're getting hitched!" announcements. They're informal but crucial for letting people know well in advance about your wedding day.

Engagement Party Invitations: Celebrate your newly engaged status with a bang! These invitations set the tone for the festivities to come.

Pre-Wedding Parties

Bridal Shower Invitations: A bridal shower is a fun and intimate gathering, and the invitations should reflect the theme and tone of the event. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Invitations: Whether it's a night on the town or a weekend getaway, these invitations should scream fun and excitement.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Invitations: The pièce de résistance of pre-wedding stationery. It should reflect your wedding theme and give guests a taste of what to expect. RSVP Cards: These are usually sent with the wedding invitations and are crucial for finalizing your guest list.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations: These are for the intimate crowd who will be present during your rehearsal. Wardrobe Planner: A nifty addition, especially for themed or destination weddings, to guide your guests on what to wear.

Tips: • Use digital save-the-dates for quicker responses and easier tracking. • Consider adding QR codes on RSVP cards for a modern touch.

Ceremony Stationery

Essential Items

Programs: These outline the order of the ceremony and often serve as keepsakes.

Welcome Sign: A beautifully designed welcome sign can set the tone as guests arrive at the venue.

Seating Chart/Place Cards: These guide guests to their seats and can be a creative expression of your wedding theme.

Pew Cards or "Reserved" Signs: These are for your VIP guests and close family members.

Vow Books: A sentimental keepsake where you can write down your vows.

Optional Items

Wedding Itinerary: Useful for complex or multi-day events.

Wedding Newspaper: A unique way to share your love story, important dates, and fun facts about the couple. Badges for Special Guests or Wedding Party: These can serve as both a functional item and a keepsake.

Tips: • Use eco-friendly materials for ceremony items that will likely be discarded. • Personalize your vow books for a sentimental touch.

Reception Stationery


Menu Cards: These can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but they should match the overall theme.

Table Numbers: These help guests locate their seats and can be a fun DIY project.

Escort Cards: These guide guests to their tables and can double as favors.

Guest Experience

Favor Tags: These small tags are a way to say thank you and can be attached to gifts or favors.

Guest Book: A must-have for most weddings, offering a tangible memory of who attended.

Thank You Cards: Placed at each setting, these cards are a pre-emptive thank you for attending.

Activity Cards: These can keep younger guests entertained during the reception.


Welcome Cards for Guests: These can be placed in welcome bags or handed out as guests arrive.

Luggage Tags for Destination Weddings: A functional and stylish gift for guests who are traveling.

Tips: • Use the back of menu cards for a personal thank-you note or a fun game. • Consider a digital guest book for a modern twist.

Post-Wedding Stationery

Gratitude and Memories

Thank You Cards: These should be sent out as soon as possible after the wedding to show your appreciation for gifts and attendance.

Wedding Announcements: For those who couldn't attend, a wedding announcement card keeps them in the loop.

Tips: • Use photos from the wedding in your thank-you cards for a personal touch. • Consider video thank-you messages for a modern and heartfelt expression of gratitude.


Wedding stationery is an integral part of your big day, serving both functional and sentimental purposes. Whether you're a seasoned wedding planner or a couple diving into the planning process, understanding the elements of wedding stationery will ensure a cohesive and memorable experience for everyone involved. Happy planning!


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