The Ultimate Guide To Baby Shower Invitation Wording: Creative And Unique Ideas

By Anshika Jain December 13th 2023


A baby shower is an exciting and memorable time for expectant parents. It's an opportunity for family members and friends to gather and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a bundle of joy.

At the heart of this event is the baby shower invitation. The wording of this invitation is paramount, serving as the initial glimpse into what guests can expect from the festivity.

This guide will provide you with a myriad of creative and unique ideas for baby shower invitation wording that will set the tone of your event and make it unforgettable.

The Importance of Baby Shower Invitation Wording

The wording of a baby shower invitation is essential for a number of reasons. It not only informs guests about the details of the event, but it also sets the mood for the occasion.

Your baby shower invitation wording can be playful or formal, themed or classic, depending on the kind of celebration you're planning. With the right words, you can get your guests excited and impressed even before the day of the shower.

Key Elements To Include In Your Baby Shower Invitation

Every baby shower invitation should include these essential elements:

  • Name of the expectant mother (and father, if it’s a co-ed baby shower)
  • Date and time of the event
  • Location of the baby shower
  • RSVP details including the date and contact person (phone number, email or address)
  • Baby registry information (if applicable)
  • Any specific requests or special instructions (e.g., bring a book instead of a card, wear a certain color, etc.)

Traditional Baby Shower Invitation Wording

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While creativity and uniqueness can add a personal touch to your baby shower invitations, sticking to traditional wording is always a safe bet. Here are some examples:

  1. Join us for a baby shower in honor of [Mom's full name].

  2. A little one is on the way. Let's celebrate before the big day!

Creative Baby Shower Invitation Wording

If you want to step out of the box and let your creativity flow, consider these unique and creative baby shower invitation wordings:

  1. Pop the bubbly; our baby is on the way! Join us for a day of celebration.

  2. Diapers, bibs, bottles galore… [Mom's name] and [Dad's name] are having one more!

Stay tuned to the next sections as we delve into more detailed and specific baby shower invitation wording ideas based on the event’s nature. Whether it’s gender-specific, for twins, or for an adopted baby, we’ve got a rich array of suggestions for you to choose from and tweak as you like.

Gender-Specific Baby Shower Invitation Wording

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Whether it's a little princess or a little prince on the way, you can add some fun touches to your invite with these gender-specific wordings: For a Boy:

  1. Oh boy! There's a little dude on the way.
  2. Planes, trains and toy cars, let's shower [Mom's name] with love for her little star.

For a Girl:

  1. Pink or pearl, we can't say, but let's shower [Mom's name] before her delivery day.

  2. A little lady is on her way! Join us to celebrate this special day.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

If you're keeping the baby's gender a secret or prefer not to disclose, these gender-neutral invitation wordings can inspire you:

  1. A bundle of joy is on the way, join us to celebrate this special day.

  2. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how we wonder what you are! Join us for [Mom's name]'s baby shower.

Twin Baby Shower Invitation Wording

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Expecting twins doubles the joy and excitement. Here’s how you can convey that in your invitations:

  1. Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the blessings from above! Join us for a shower honoring [Mom's name].

  2. Two peas in a pod, two bundles of joy, [Mom's name] is expecting a girl and a boy!

Co-ed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Co-ed baby showers involve both parents and can be a fun, laid-back event. Here are some wordings to reflect that:

  1. Bottles, bibs, and more, let's shower [Mom's name] and [Daddy's name] with gifts galore!

  2. Join us for a baby bash, it's a co-ed party, so let's make a splash!

In the upcoming sections, we will dive deeper into invitation wording for specific situations such as showers for a second child, adoptive parents, religious themes, including registry information, and surprises. Each suggestion will give your invites a personal touch, making your baby shower an event to remember.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For A Second Child

If you're celebrating the arrival of a second or subsequent child, these wording suggestions can help convey the joy:

  1. Every child is a blessing. Join us to celebrate [Mom's name]'s second bundle of joy.

  2. Big brother/sister is so excited, as [Mom's name] is again delighted. Join us to shower them with love!

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents need showers too! Here are some wording ideas specifically for adoption showers:

  1. Love makes a family. Join us to celebrate the adoption of [Child's name].

  2. Not flesh of my flesh, but love beyond measure. Join us as we welcome our new treasure.

Religious Baby Shower Invitation Wording

For those who want to incorporate religious sentiments into their invitations, here are some suggestions:

  1. A blessing from above, a gift from God we unconditionally love. Join us for a baby shower for [Mom's name].

  2. Every good gift is from above. Join us to celebrate God's gift of love.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording In Different Languages

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If you're hosting a multicultural baby shower or just love the beauty of different languages, consider these suggestions:

  1. Spanish: Ven a celebrar nuestro amor y alegria esperando a [baby's name].

  2. French: Rejoignez-nous pour fêter l'arrivée de [baby's name].

DIY Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

As a DIY enthusiast, you might want to create your own baby shower invitations. Here are some wording ideas that you can explore:

  1. Handmade with love, just like our baby. Join us to celebrate this joyful journey.

  2. We're crafting up something special, a DIY baby shower for our little bundle.

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette

When it comes to baby shower invitation etiquette, it's important to send the invitations about 4-6 weeks before the event. Ensure the wording includes all relevant information and is clear and easy to understand.

How To Request Books Instead Of Cards In Your Baby Shower Invitation

If you prefer books instead of cards, say it in a creative way:

  1. Just one request, we hope it's not hard. Please bring a book instead of a card!

  2. Books are a treasure, words are a delight. Bring a book instead of a card to keep baby's future bright.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording for a Surprise Baby Shower

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Plan a surprise shower for the mom-to-be with these wording ideas:

  1. Shhh…it's a secret! We're throwing a surprise baby shower for [Mom's name].

  2. A little birdie told us a baby is on the way. Join us for a surprise shower to brighten [Mom's name]'s day!

How To Word A Baby Shower Invitation for A Long-Distance Baby Shower

A long-distance or virtual baby shower is a great way to celebrate:

  1. Distance can't stop us from celebrating the mom-to-be. Join us for a virtual baby shower for [Mom's name].

  2. Join us from the comfort of your home for [Mom's name]'s virtual baby shower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When should I send out baby shower invitations?

Ans: Invitations should be sent out about 4-6 weeks before the baby shower.

Q2: Can I include registry information on the invitation?

Ans: Yes, it's perfectly fine to include registry information on your invitation. It helps guests choose gifts that the parents-to-be really want or need.

Q3: Can I ask for books instead of cards on the invitation?

Ans: Absolutely! Many parents prefer building a library for their little one, and it's a great way to involve guests in this process. Ensure you phrase your request politely and creatively.

Q4: Can I throw a baby shower for a second or subsequent baby?

Ans: Absolutely! Every child deserves a celebration. You can make it a different kind of party, like a "sprinkle" instead of a "shower," or a diaper party, etc. The key is to celebrate the joyous occasion.


Coming up with the perfect baby shower invitations doesn't have to be daunting. Whether you choose traditional, creative, specific or DIY wording, remember that the most important thing is to reflect the joy and excitement of the upcoming arrival. Happy planning!


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